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Welcome to Z Stone.

Z Stone provides a full line of highest quality stonecraft, from outdoor patios and walls to fireplaces, indoor installations and hand carved stone sinks. Emphasis is placed on the beauty and timeless qualities of the stone itself, to let the stone “speak”, refreshing and reconnecting you with the natural world.

We work mostly with local sandstone, ages in the making, and careful attention is given to placement as it is uprooted from the mountain, transported and given a new relationship to the stones around it in its new structure. Z Stone exists to facilitate this transformation.

Z Stone is owned by craftsmen Zach Johnson and John Engelland.




More about us…

We are proud to offer an additional website that adds a new dimension to the work that we love. The website is called RisingStar.world.

About Rising Star. There’s a place of stillness that we all have within, a sacred space, where the quiet presence of our being meets the universe. It is from this experience that we bring spirit into our space, and create a space for our soul.

It is in our bodies, in the present moment, where the energy of the earth and the energy of the cosmos meet. Whether we engage this consciously or not, we carry the seed of this energy and it is from this point that our entire experience flows.

In the same way your body is a temple, the structures, and experience we surround ourselves with can become temples.

Rising Star creates Stone Temples and Sacred Spaces that forge an energetic imprint that supports one’s journey on every level. Join us on this creative path! Visit RisingStar.world