Not quite a year ago, I became a member of a wonderful Tai Chi club. It’s a practice that has blown open my heart and mind. Learning to understand how our bodies work on an energetic level goes hand in hand with the physical practice of Tai Chi, so qigong exercises are also part of our classes. The following excerpt is from Qigong of the Center, Essence of Taijiquan: The Teachings of Grandmaster Cai Song Fang, by Jan Diepersloot.

“In the Chinese worldview, man is the ultimate fruit which comes from the interaction of the cosmic forces of heaven and earth. We are the central meeting point, the focus in which these two great cosmic forces combine to produce consciousness.

On the purely biological level, a human is like a tree, unfolding in time from its center in the seed, half spiraling downward to root ourselves in the earth and half spiraling upward through the torso to the light, drawing from them and mixing their energies of earth (food,water) and sky(air/light) to fuel organismic growth. In short, the center of gravity is also considered to be the biological energy and growth.”

Spiraling. I feel that we all are striving to harmonize with this amazing spiraling energy that’s within all of us, and IS us. Creating spaces which nurture our connection with this energy is what we seek to do. Happy spiraling, friends!