Acknowledging Stone as if it Matters

Acknowledgement is an incredible gift that most of us practice on some level in our everyday lives. In the simplest of ways when you acknowledge someone for who they are or what they do, it allows their own energy to brighten and creates a deeper connection between the two of you. We have all had times in our lives when someone else’s words of acknowledgment had a profound impact on us and may have even changed the course of our life.

acknowledgment spiral

This simple act can also be applied to “inanimate objects”. It is my understanding that when our attention is placed on something, it changes. So why not use this in a positive way? Stone, before it is quarried or harvested, carries the connection and energy of the earth and to all life on it. In some sense, stone IS the earth, and the minerals we carry in our bodies come partly from stone. This connection already exists and acknowledgement of it strengthens and clarifies it. For instance, once stone is taken from the earth and handled, transported, bought and sold, it takes on the energies of the people doing this work. Since this process is usually not done in a conscious way that acknowledges the earth connection, the original energy that the stone carries “goes to sleep”. You can think of it in the same way as with another person. If their work or beingness or gifts are not acknowledged, that person is most likely to withdraw their presence.

Stone is the same in this way. It is not personal, as if you hurt the stone’s feelings, it is just the nature of energy transfer. When that stone is acknowledged for what it is, it allows the natural connection to the earth to radiate as it once did. The process of extracting anything from the earth without permission, gratitude, intention or acknowledgment further creates separation from everything we surround ourselves with. This is why it feels so good to be in nature, as this connection has not been broken.

When we build with stone, we always do a blessing after the stone has arrived onsite and before we begin moving and working with it. This is something I encourage you to try for yourself. We find it is good to thank the stone for its presence and to ask permission to work with it. We like to apologize if the stone has been handled in a disrespectful manner and to ask its original energies and connection to return to the surface. We like to acknowledge that the stone is a living being and brings its own intelligence to the project. We find it is helpful to listen. This blessing is something that is best done in your own words and with sincerity. Make it your own and see what happens. If you are open and sit quietly you will most likely feel the stone brighten and become easier to work with once the blessing is done. Please keep in mind that the key part in this equation is YOU. If you bring your power and grounded presence to this process, the stone will respond in-kind. One suggestion to get yourself into a good space is to sit quietly for a few moments and feel gratitude for your own life, the stone, the work, your clients, etc. This will help you to flow into the blessing in a more comfortable way.

If you are having a hard time finding your own words for this dialogue, here’s an example of what we do. We do this at the beginning of every job before we start moving the stone. We also spray/sprinkle water on the stone as we say the blessing. This helps to remove other people’s energy from it.

“Greetings, beautiful stone friends. We thank you for being here and for the opportunity to work with you. We ask permission to move you, shape you, and work with you to build this (wall). We pledge to work with you in a mindful way that respects and honors the mountain from which you came, and to listen to your voice as we work. We apologize if you have been removed from your home or handled in any way that was disrespectful or harmful and we invite the energy of the earth that you carry within to radiate completely and fully. Thank you for adding your presence to this (wall) and for working with us.”