Stone as Teacher

It is in the stillness of our being, where we can access the grandest version of ourselves. If we desire to create something pure, we must not be distracted nor have our minds wander.  We must find the harmonious balance of meditation and creation. For us as stonemasons, this state of being is the ideal.  Whether we are shaping stone or lifting it, our awareness is of the present moment.  Danger looms if we stray from this place.

For a combined 40 years Zach and I have been working with stone, bringing together our practices of meditation and hard work.  We have found a wonderful teacher in stone.  It has taught us patience, caution, humility, and how to work together as a single unit.  Through our relationship with stone, we’ve learned much about ourselves, and how to better relate to others.  Despite what many of us think, moving slowly can bring wonderful rewards.